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The Millennial Generation

Hi. I’m a Millennial, someone born between 1980-2000. More specifically, someone who is young…or youngish. Characteristics of a Millennial include narcissist, entitlement, quiet, too-online, self-absorbed, vain, and thoughtless. We are the ones who added “selfie”, “hashtag”, “perf”, “totes”, and “sexting” to the dictionary; the ones who created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. Time Magazine refers to us as the “ me me me” generation. We are the (lazy) millennials, children of the (hippie) baby boomers, grandchildren of the the (racist) traditionalists. However, we are also the generation who has made the most progress. Teen pregnancies and teen smokers has almost divided, more teenagers are graduating than ever before. We are the ones who created equal rights for the LGBT population, the ones who voted in the first black president; not once but TWICE. We are the generation that’s surviving the desolation of an economy the baby boomers left us and interestingly enough we outnumber them. What they did not want us to find out is that Generation Y could easily change the world if we turned our eyes toward political reform. These Millennials, this rising generation, could make the biggest change the world has ever seen. 

The last generation to make an incredible impact regarding political protests and plainly speaking out would be the baby boomers. We were told that this is because of their incredible size, the government was almost forced to listen to them. Now here the Millennials are so focused on the media and commercialism. We are distracted. They took away our knowledge and replaced it with brainwashing so that we wouldn’t realize how big we actually are. How BIG we actually are. It is roughly estimated that there are 52.8-86 million Millennials in the United States. To put that into perspective, that is more people than the African American and Asian Americans combined. That is more people than those who identify as Hispanic or Latino. That is more people than the LGBT American population. That is more people than the population of Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mane, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island….combined. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (V for Vendetta). 

In the year 2000 we welcomed a new millennium. In 2001 Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod. In the same year the World Trade Centers were destroyed, Archeologists discovered some of the oldest (12,000 years old) artworks known to man, and an Afghan woman showed her face in public for the first time after 5 years of Taliban Sharia law. In 2003 New York City was in darkness after a power failure, President Bush declared the end of major combat in Iraq, and The Columbia Space shuttle explodes during reentry. In 2004 the Indian Ocean Tsunami killed over 200,000 people. In that same year a Ukrainian Woman placed carnations into shields of anti-riot police man standing outside the presidential office in Kiev. during the Orange Revolution. In the same year Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moscovitz launched Facebook. In 2005 Kevin Berthia was talked out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge by police officers. In 2007 thousands gather to mourn after the Virginia Tech shooting. In 2008 Michael Phelps celebrates after winning his 14th gold medal, setting the all-time record for most Olympic gold medals and Barack Obama wins his election, becoming the first African American President. In 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 floats on the Hudson river after crash landing, miraculously, everyone survived. In 2011 Christians protected Muslims in prayer at Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution, an Egyptian woman kissed a policeman who had refused to fire protestors during the revolution against the Mubarak Government, Barack Obama and Government staff watched as commandos conducted a raid and killed Osama bin Laden, and Norwegian citizens held a flower march after terrorist attacks by Anders Breivik killed 77. In 2012 a mother comforted her daughter after the Sandy Hook shootings. In 2013 Pakistani Muslims form a human chain to protect Christian during Mass, the Boston Marathon bombings began, and the world had to face the death of Nelson Mandela. In 2014 Markiyan Matsekh plays piano for police during the Ukrainian revolution. So what aren’t they telling us? That we are powerful beyond measure. Through the terror, sadness, joy, thankfulness, and miracles we are incredibly strong when we come together. We are so strong that we can change the world. The Millennials were the beginning of something wonderful, powerful, and believable. 

I am a Millennial. I am the narcissistic, entitled, quiet, too-online, self-absorbed, vain, and thoughtless teenager that you were warned about. We’re here, we’re listening, and we are paying attention.

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?" 

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?"



It’s summer of 2014 and, yes, the dreaded summer homework assignments are still existent and I still am 100% not into doing school work on our vacation time. Anyhow, I was doing my homework for my College Writing class, in which we have to read the true story, Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. One of the questions for my assignment was to respond to the quote Morrie said about how in marriage “Your values must be alike.” Here is my resonse:

Well, since I am seventeen I have not yet been married so I wouldn’t know exactly if this is a true statement.

But I have been in a few relationships and am currently in a long lasting one and I have learned a few things along the way. No, you do not have to have all of the same opinions. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are one person.

You are both still unique individuals.

You do not need to “complete” each other, you should be complete and whole on your own.

But you should complement each other.

Lets not complete each other, lets complement each other.

It’s okay to disagree on things, in fact, disagree and argue all of the time, it’s healthy. But, yes, you do need to value the same things and want to head in the same direction. Relationships end when each person wants to go on a different path. One wants to have kids, one wants to travel. One wants to live in a different state, while the other wants to live in their home town. You must want the same things, that is important. 

spoopyvapor asked: What the fucks happening in Ferguson?


Alright, i’m gonna sit down and basically explain the situation in this ask so everyone of my followers knows why i’m so pissed.

Michael Brown, a 17 - 18 year old african american boy was unlawfully shot (8-10 times supposedly) by police in St Louis, Missouri on saturday, august 9th, 2014. He was unarmed, and had done nothing to attract suspicion other than the fact that he was black. His body was left in the street for 4 hours. (EDIT: i’ve discovered that the Brown family wishes for any and all photos of Michael lying in the streets to be removed. please respect this and do so)

There are several claims from witnesses (see: Dorian Johnson’s account and video [HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING UP ON HIS ACCOUNT, ITS VERY SPECIFIC] — Brown’s friend who experienced the situation first hand, La’Toya Cash and Phillip Walker— Ferguson residents nearby the incident),  that fall together in generally close claims. However, the only one who’s claim seems out of place is the police officer’s who shot Brown. Who, by the way, is put off on paid administrative leave AND who’s name remained under anonymity for his safety (However, attorney Benjamin Crump is looking for a way to force release his name). He claims that Brown began to wrestle the officer for his gun and tried attacking him after he told Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson (22) to “get the f*ck on the sidewalk”.

According to Johnson, after a minor confrontation on the officer’s part where he grabbed Brown by the neck and then by the shirt, the officer pulled his gun on Brown and shot him at point blank range on the right side of his body. Brown and Johnson were able to get away briefly and started running. However, Brown was shot in the back, supposedly disabling him from getting very far. He turned around with his arms in the air and said “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” By this point, Brown and the officer were face to face as the cop shot him several times in the face and chest until he was finally dead. Johnson ran to his apartment and by the sound of his account, seemingly had some sort of panic attack. Later he emerged from his home to see Brown still laying in the streets. People were gathered with their cellphones, screaming at the police.

According to msnbc, the police refuse to interview Johnson at all, despite his amazing courage to come forward. They didn’t wanna hear it. They only listened to the cop’s account of it all and were vague with the media on what they thought happened. They’ve also refused to commit to a timeline in releasing autopsy results and other investigation information.

Numerous rumors are sweeping around such as Brown stealing candy from a QuickTrip, the store he emerged from calling the cops on him, Brown reaching for a gun, Brown attacking the cop first, ect. But these have all been debunked. (I know a lot of these have been debunked, but im having a hard time finding sources. if anyone could help out and link some legit ones id be SO grateful)

The event in and of itself was terrible, but now it has escalated beyond belief. Around 100 or more people, mostly black, went to the police station to protest peacefully. Things quickly turned bad as martial law got involved and authorities were bringing in K9s, tanks, heavy artillery, ect. The heavy police presence only made things worse as riots began to break out and looting and vandalism started. [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Now, as of very recently, the media has been banned from Ferguson. There is also a No-Fly zone above Ferguson for the reason of “ TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES ” as said on the Federal Aviation Commission’s website. Cop cars are lined up on the borders to prevent people from entering/leaving. Media outlets are being threatened with arrest. It completely violates our amendments and everything.

It’s becoming increasingly scary and difficult to find out whats going on over there. I’m afraid this is all the information I have, though. If anybody else knows anything about the situation, please feel free to add on or correct any mistakes i’ve made as i’m no expert on writing these things.

And as a personal favor, i’d really appreciate anyone to give this a reblog in order to spread the word. I think it’s a shame that this is going on in our own country yet so few people know about it. Help me make this topic huge and get this as much attention as possible.

I am a strong believer that society, including school, plays a massive factor in increasing number of students with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The rates of depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, Bipolar, Anorexia, and Bulimia all are sky rocketing.

What is anyone doing about it?

Over 20% of young adults have a mental illness.

8 out of 100 teens report having serious depression.

8% of all teens have an anxiety disorder.

5% have ADD. 1% have OCD. 3% have ODD.

Only 38% with mood disorders get help.

Only 13% of eating disorder sufferers get help.

We need to do something.

Every time another person tells a sufferer to “Just get over it”, “Learn to meditate”, “You obvious don’t trust God”, “It’s all in your head”, “You’ll grow out of it”, “Wow, I really didn’t want you to inherit that side of the family.” is another moment that we fail as a supportive and healing society. 

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?" "Definitely my bangs. I like to think people know me by my bangs especially when I use to have color in them; reds & blues & violets. I also really like them because I don’t have to do anything with them, they just always stay in place. I’m also really proud of my eyebrows, eyebrows are a big thing to me. I like how dark they are and they just stand out on my face. I work hard to keep them nice looking!”

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?" "Definitely my bangs. I like to think people know me by my bangs especially when I use to have color in them; reds & blues & violets. I also really like them because I don’t have to do anything with them, they just always stay in place. I’m also really proud of my eyebrows, eyebrows are a big thing to me. I like how dark they are and they just stand out on my face. I work hard to keep them nice looking!”

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?" "My hair." "& why is that?" "It represents my personality. Kind of all over the place."

"What is your favorite thing about yourself?" "My hair." "& why is that?" "It represents my personality. Kind of all over the place."